CURRENTLY OFFERING: Lease available Q4, 2023

15,500 SF in Building 3 North

24,000 SF in Building 2 South

Up to 30,000 SF of Yard Storage on Service Pad 4


Selecting the right location and lease terms for your warehouse, manufacturing operation or assembly operation can be very challenging. At the Indianapolis Industrial Center, we strive to take the guesswork out of your process and get your operation going quickly.

The property is zoned I-4-U and allows for nearly any industrial use, which allows you to focus on getting your operation up and running quickly. Our four different warehouses on the site allow for a range of operation configurations, service doors, rail access and yard storage combinations.

In addition, utilities including 480 V power is available on site, and a wide range of material handling solutions allow you to efficiently and effectively ramp up your production or distribution. We are always open to ideas about how to make the operating space more convenient to your operation and to consider improvement needs as necessary.

Lease terms range from one year to as many as five years or more, simply based on the needs of your operation. any improvements you may wish to have made, and the nature of your business. We are paid on salary with our goal to focus on obtaining the proper fit for the client.

Warehouse lease rates may vary based upon: the presence of hazardous materials, any heated processes or welding, leasehold improvements, number of employees, nature of the operations to be conducted at the site, and other related circumstances.