Sustainability and Energy Upgrade – 2.0


The Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC) today announced the second of a 4-phase sustainability and energy upgrade to its warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Assisted by the Energize Indiana Program provided through Indianapolis Power & Light, the IIC has embarked on a major overhaul of its lighting plans serving building 3, resulting in improved environmental impacts and reduced energy costs.

This endeavor will include the replacement of out dated 300 watt, 400 watt, and 1000 watt, lighting fixtures to allow IIC warehousing tenants to enjoy the same or improved lighting levels at nearly two-thirds of the original electrical use. This dramatic energy savings will result in lower electric usage, lower fossil fuel emissions resulting from the energy reduction, and lower maintenance cost as the price replacement bulbs for the new fixtures are as much as  94% less expensive!

The first phase of installation of the energy-saving fixtures in building 5 was completed in 2011, and work on building 1 and 2 are pending. The IIC strives to conserve energy and resources.