Summer Update

During this past Spring and continuing this Summer, as the IIC continued its repairs and maintenance, Indygo was putting its finishing touches on the IIC “Redline” bus station that is located just south of the intersection of Troy and Shelby Street. Construction has been in high gear for nearly a year now on the highly publicized “Electric Rapid-Transit Busline”. Work included utility relocation, installation of “pedestrian curb cuts”, new traffic control systems and electrical hook ups. The community has also benefited from the repaving of the Shelby Street road surfaces.

Our continuous improvement process includes a commitment to ever improving our safety awareness. As the busline is activated, please be aware of the potential of additional pedestrians in and round the Center. Please note that all of our drives are meant to be traveled at slow speeds due to the abundance of heavy vehicle traffic to and from our facilities.

Stay safe!


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