The goal of the Indianapolis Industrial Center, is to provide you with “Heavy Duty Logistics Support” for a competitive advantage in the management of your supply chain.

 Following is a summary of the services offered:

 Short-term Leasing – On occasion, tenants might require a short-term leasing agreement. For example they may have a project in which they prefer to use their own labor and equipment, and simply need a location in which to operate. These are typically month-to-month leasing arrangements and pricing is based on facility and service requirements.

 Long-term Leasing – Often, tenants may wish to expand their operation, or consolidate to a new location rather than purchase a facility. In those cases, we offer long-term leasing solutions that seek to anticipate the needs of the tenant over time and design a package that will allow for the flexibility they may need. Pricing is based on facility and service requirements.

 Public WarehousingLike short-term leasing, some clients require the space for a distribution project, but prefer to outsource their storage and distribution needs including the equipment and labor, through public warehousing services. Public warehousing offers an operating relationship in which product is received, stored, order selected and shipped on behalf of the client – a true “turn-key” distribution solution. This form of warehousing does not require extensive contractual agreements and is managed simply through warehouse receipts and bill of lading documents.

 Contract Warehousing – Like public warehousing, this service provides for the third party receipt, storage, order selection and shipment of a client’s products, but in this case the client may wish to have a longer term relationship with certain service, pricing or term features spelled out contractually.

 Rail Trans-loading – To capitalize on our rail services, customers may consign products to us for trans-loading to trucks for delivery or distribution. With CSX, Norfolk Southern and Indiana Rail Road service, our location is ideal for this style of operation.

Consulting – Developing a competitive advantage for our clients is our chief goal. Some of this advantage comes through the location, type and features of the facilities offered. Other advantage is developed through a customized service package.  However, to truly achieve the greatest benefits, it is sometimes necessary to integrate best practices to optimize the advantages achieved. This work is conducted through our consulting services. Many engagements are contingency fee-based  – meaning that you don’t pay unless we find the savings.

Examples of engagements available include:

  • Non-Labor Cost Reduction
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Business Optimization
  • Funding Analysis


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