Rail Warehousing

With the high cost of truck drivers, diesel fuel, driver shortages and environmental concerns, more and more shippers are turning to the advantages of rail service for the delivery of their goods. Recently, the Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC) began providing rail warehousing services. Our customers that ship via rail, will benefit from lower overall shipping costs if they ship in bulk. In addition, each railcar shipped is the equivalent of four trucks worth of product which helps alleviate highway congestion and environmental pollution.

For Rail Warehousing customers, the IIC will receive the rail shipments, place into storage, provide the details of shipments and ship to destinations designated by the customer. These services can helpful in creating regional supply centers and convenient “safety-stock” for fluctuations in delivery capabilities.

By providing “Rail Warehousing” the IIC is positioning itself to offer multi-modal services to its tenants and warehousing customers. Our rail partner, CSX, provides the switching and can interface with nearly any other rail carrier.

We have 30,000 SF of rail warehouse available. Interior bridge crane also available – optional.

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