Announcing the opening of the new INRD/CN Intermodal Center
INRD provides access to the Canadian National Railroad
Indoor Rail Reload Siding at the Indianapolis Industrial Center, CSX Gondola being unloaded for regional distribution
CSX Removing Empty Gondola Cars from the indoor siding at the Indianapolis Industrial Center
CSX removing empty rail cars at the Indianapolis Industrial Center.

Rail Services and Reloading

As of 2021, we have five active rail spurs serving three different facilities. Our rail warehouse offerings include interior rail sidings (up to 3 cars!), interior bridge cranes and a combination of dock, truck well, and grade level shipping options. Our yard provides some railcar storage options. Great for flat-cars and box cars.

2017 marked additional investment in our yard, making our siding to building 1 (3-car, interior rail siding) ready for the long haul.

In 2015 an Inter-modal terminal approximately 3 miles from the Indianapolis Industrial Center. With this arrangement, you can use the best rate and service combination to your advantage.  In September of 2015, we completed our largest rail yard upgrade to-date. This project included the full demolition and reconstruction of over 700 linear feet of track allowing for heavier freight volumes. Five of the 6 spurs are ready for service!

In September of 2012, we completed a major upgrade of the rail infrastructure re-opening two of six service tracks allowing for up to 15 cars of active service. An additional two service tracks with indoor sidings were opened in April 2013. With two more expansion tracks available as traffic grows, our rail yard allows for improved rail-car management. In addition, the CSX side track near the main spur offers over 300 yards of additional high volume storage if needed.

These additions have allowed us to increase rail traffic flow and expanding our rail car storage capacity.

Indianapolis Intermodal Terminal

On October 10, 2013, the Indiana Rail Road, Canadian National Railroad and the State of Indiana officially opened the Indianapolis Intermodal Terminal. The terminal will service the container shipping needs of importers and exporters through the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver, British Columbia. This new service will trim nearly one week from the shipping time and save shippers money.

The Indianapolis Industrial Center is ideally suited to managing the reload, storage and trans-load needs of industrial shippers and is located only 2 miles from the terminal with easy access.

Rail-Served Warehouses

Each of our four warehouses offers an indoor rail siding with the largest of these sheltering up to four rail cars at a time! Three of these buildings also feature interior bridge cranes with lifting capacity of up to 25 tons. Additional features include: heavy duty floors, heavy forklifts, indoor truck wells, drive-in doors, a large rail yard, and a rail car mover, we have the facilities and equipment necessary to trans-load your product.

Rail reloading services include the transfer of freight from rail to trucks or vice versa. With the rising cost of diesel and the ever-increasing awareness of environmental impacts, shippers are seeking more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly methods of transporting goods. The truckload to rail car ratio is about 3 or 4 to 1. The cost-savings of moving by rail can be enormous – not to mention the reduction in environmental impact!

Click on the following link for a map of the Indianapolis Industrial Center railyard: Indianapolis Industrial Center Railyard Map