New Intermodal Terminal Announced


Yesterday, the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and Indiana Rail Road Company (INRD) announced plans to construct a new intermodal terminal on the site of the existing INRD rail yard.

When complete, the terminal will offer importers and exporters an “all-rail” option for the transportation of containerized products from the Port of Vancouver, B.C.; and Port of Prince Rupert, B.C.

CN executive Jean-Jaques Ruest has stated in an interview with Inside Indiana Business that: “This all-rail service will reduce transit times and improve transportation consistency for Indiana importers, making their supply chains more competitive.

At present, a containerized shipment bound for Indianapolis will typically be routed through Chicago which adds several days (and additional cost) to the shipment due to rail and interstate traffic congestion around Chicago.

Tom Hoback, founder and CEO of Indiana Rail Road commented to the Indianapolis Star that: ” CN-Indiana Rail Road intermodal service will offer a more reliable, consistent, and environmentally friendly movement of goods that is less susceptible to costly weather and congestion delays.”

CN estimates that it can deliver containerized freight to Indianapolis from Shanghai or Korea within 18-20 days.

The Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC) strongly supports this new development and looks forward to learning furthe details of how best to integrate this new service for its client base. The proposed INRD terminal is within 3 miles of the IIC park, allowing for easy access and combined freight opportunities via INRD, CN, CSX and the Louisville & Indianapolis railroads.