IIC Warehouses Now “Fiber-Ready”

Today, the Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC) announced the scheduling of fiber-optic data service installation. According to Mr. Richard Wright with ATT, the fiber is scheduled to be installed between December 18th and 22nd, depending upon availability of the needed equipment.

Mr. Wright, commented that “fiber optic service provides a more reliable platform with fewer drops than copper wire. In fact, fiber is the digital “backbone” for the new 5G services.” Internet speeds up to 1G are available, but plans can be scaled according to each internet customer’s needs.

This improved reliability and speed become increasingly important as customers continue to adopt cloud-based applications and products.

Don Foley, President of the IIC, expressed excitement about the installation and its benefits for IIC tenants. “We strive to find ways to keep our tenants at the top of their game, and this new fiber service could be a great opportunity for some of our tenants.”

“Distribution, e-commerce, and manufacturing businesses have all become data-intensive and data-sensitive. Reliability and certainly speed are the currency of the day. I’m really pleased to have worked with Indy Teledata and the folks at ATT to bring this service to our tenants.”


About the Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC): The IIC is a 19.5 acre distribution park on Indy’s Southeast side. Facilities include 182,000 SF of distribution space including space equipped with interior bridge cranes. Space is available. Call 317-602-8639 for more information.

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