IIC Warehouse Restored

April 29, 2024

Don Foley, 317-602-8639

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Indianapolis Industrial Center Re-Opens Warehouse after Restoration

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC), a Southside warehouse and industrial park, recently announced the reopening of Building 3 after fire in a tenant space caused extensive damage on New Year’s Eve 2022. The renovated warehouse includes enhanced safety and energy-efficient features.

Don Foley, President of the Indianapolis Industrial Center, reflects on the fire, “We and our tenants were fortunate that the fire took place on a holiday weekend with nobody at the park, and no business activity for several days. I think the timing helped us avoid any risk of injury and to limit more extensive inconvenience to our tenants. We really want to extend our gratitude to the brave men and women of the Indianapolis Fire Department for their rapid and efficient response and to our tenants who were patient with us during the restoration process.”

The fire prompted a fast-track restoration project, which led to the facility’s renewal within a quick 16-month period. The renovated warehouse features enhanced functionalities and safety measures, including:

• A new 10-ton interior bridge crane
• A completely new roofing and siding system
• Advanced radiant heat
• A new sprinkler system
• New paint and insulation

“The incident gave us a chance to integrate a few new features such as daylight harvesting lighting systems, which are designed to reduce energy consumption significantly when combined with natural light which is available through a modified skylight system,” added Foley.

IIC prioritizes safety and encourages other organizations to perform a thorough review of emergency procedures within leasing agreements. “Regular checks and updates to crisis protocols are crucial,” Foley advises. “Ensure you have designated evacuation rally points, clear evacuation routes and that tenants have their own safety plans. Our business went more than 20 years without a major incident, and it can be easy to fall into a routine but remain vigilant about keeping safety procedures as current as possible.”

With a track record of prioritizing tenant safety, IIC is now ready to offer its restored and efficient warehouse space to current and prospective clients.

About Indianapolis Industrial Center
Located at the heart of Indianapolis’ industrious Southside, the Indianapolis Industrial Center offers diverse warehousing and business solutions. For those interested in leasing opportunities at the new upgraded warehouse, contact IIC’s office at 317-602-8639.


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