IIC Expands Security Cooperation with IMPD

Today, the Indianapolis Industrial Center (IIC) announced its expanded cooperation with IMPD and public safety officials through its participation in the B*Link surveillance program. The B*Link program integrates hundreds of surveillance cameras across Indianapolis for live viewing of private camera placements and access to recorded history if/as needed to pursue public safety goals.

While the IIC has enjoyed a good working relationship with IMPD and other organizations in the past, this commitment included the placement of additional cameras and integration into the monitoring system. The IIC location at the intersection of Troy and Shelby Street along with the presence of four high traffic bus stops in the area, made the location a desirable one for officials to monitor.

IIC will also post notice of its cooperation in this program in various locations on its campus. IIC continues to explore new ways to collaborate and create value for its  tenants and the community.

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