Gratitude to our Community

Some of you may know that, on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2022), one of our tenants experienced a fire in their leased section of our building 3. Of course, we have been so busy trying to attend to tenant and restoration matters that it occurred to us recently that we had not posted an update for our community.

I am pleased to report that no one was injured, including firefighters and police officers. We are very grateful to the prompt response and commitment of the IFD in assuring that the fire was put out and in coming back once when some smoldering was observed. Thank you to all who were involved and who worked to protect the livelihood of our tenants.

While I am not at liberty to share the details of the determination of the cause and origin of the fire, I can say without a doubt, that it was not related to our tenant’s line of work or operation. However, they have been deeply affected by this loss and have been tireless in working to continue to provide service to their customers, just as we have been in serving ours.

We will continue our restoration work over the coming months and hope to have our “building 3, north” unit ready for occupancy with the next four months or so. Thanks again to the firefighters and all those who protect our safety in this community.

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