“Flip the Switch,” The benefits of LED Lighting

Industrial professionals are searching for solutions to expand safety, save energy costs, enhance efficiency, and boost productivity in a challenging economy. Federal agencies, facility managers, and energy specialists in the industrial industries quickly agreed on one solution: LED Lighting.1

In 2022, Indianapolis Industrial Center flipped the switch by increasing our total LED lighting by over 55,000 additional square feet in our buildings so our tenants could…
Improve Safety
Cut Costs
Enhance Efficiency
Boost Productivity Productive

LED lighting improves safety. Poor lighting is a leading cause of slip, trip, fall, and contact with objects and equipment in industrial workplaces.2 In fact, the risk of accident-causing injuries or death is reduced by up to 60% by clearing visibility hazards.3

By installing industrial LED lighting, we offer brighter daylight illumination and reduce our tenants’ need for supplemental lighting (e.g., flashlights, lamps, etc.). Furthermore, LED lights are solid state, as they do not use gas or liquid in their construction. As a result, LED lights lack glass or other potentially hazardous materials and will not shatter when dropped or damaged. They also produce very little heat, making them safer to handle, and reducing the cost and energy of cooling.

LED lighting minimizes facility costs. LEDs are incredibly efficient and cost-effective. We’re doing our part to reduce our energy output to minimize our tenants’ costs. The Department Of Energy predicts that LED lighting can offer an astounding 75% reduction in lighting energy consumption.4 Compared to traditional lighting methods, LED lighting has an estimated energy efficiency between 80%-90%.

LED lighting is an energy saver for several reasons:
LEDs have an operation life expectation of 11 years!
They possess a much lower wattage than fluorescents, thus lowering the necessary power.
LEDs are also ecologically friendly as they contain no mercury gas or harmful materials.
LEDs can be safely disposed of or recycled.

Overall, LEDs are a big win for the environment and help keep costs low and service levels high for our tenants.

LED lighting enhances efficiency. LED lighting is not only safer and more energy efficient but ultimately impacts operational efficiency. They require less maintenance and power but produce better light and safety features. They also have instant lighting when powered on, as opposed to a 20-minute delay from traditional lighting. With fewer safety hazards, expenses, and maintenance requirements, LED lighting is an efficient improvement for our tenants.

LED lighting boosts productivity. In 2019, LEDs magazine cited a survey conducted by a U.K. online retailer of solid-state lighting (SSL) and reported that 77% of respondents cited workplace lighting affecting their productivity, and 32% of respondents would be happier to work under electric light designed to aid productivity.5 Furthermore, Senior LED notes that LEDs do not make a buzzing sound, and employees can concentrate better with fewer workflow disruptions.6 Interestingly, Eaton (n.d.) records recent developments in LED technology to mimic the stimulus provided by daylight, which promotes a healthy and regular circadian rhythm.7

As a result of installing LED lighting, Indianapolis Industrial Center tenants can expect to expand the productivity of their employees and cultivate a more productive work environment.

In summary, by switching to LED lighting, our tenants will have a safer facility that is environmentally friendly and cultivates a work environment that expands efficiency and boosts productivity.

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