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Indianapolis/Marion County – No mask mandate for fully vaccinated persons. (6/8/21)

The Indianapolis City-County Council voted to rescind the mask mandate for all persons who have been fully vaccinated with the exceptions of such locations as public facilities, health care facilities and public transportation. However, it does allow private establishments to continue to require masking at their option. This new order goes into effect as of midnight June 8th.
The Indianapolis Industrial Center will not require masking for those who are fully vaccinated and strongly recommends vaccination for those who have not yet received their full doses of vaccine. We would further recommend continued masking for those who choose to remain unvaccinated as the risk of contracting COVID-19 has not yet been eliminated, but simply sharply reduced.


The Indianapolis Industrial Center is active in monitoring the changing status of the spread of COVID-19. Our efforts include:

  • Actively providing updates to tenants regarding recommended tenant practices in curbing the spread of the disease.
  • Educating our own employees as to proper hygiene practices and requiring their use.
  • Use of masks by our employees when proper social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Encouraging tenants to each have their own COVID response plan.
  • Proactively requiring the use of masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing by our contractors, vendors and guests.
  • Per the Governor’s mandate, we would request the use of masks upon entry to any of our facilities.

We are pleased to be of service to our tenants and guests and will use continuous review and improvement of protections as recommended by the CDC and as supported by the Building Owners and Managers Association.

Marion County Vaccine Registration:

CDC Link:

State of Indiana Link:

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Developing a COVID plan:

Vaccinations and Testing: The state of indiana is posting updates to the changing status of COVID-19 as well as testing and vaccination registration. Find the detail at the following link: